Good Folk Fest Family

521890_3822811622750_530541854_nIt is true that it is easy to form a bond with folks that participate in Good Folk Fests.  The artists and musicians are very friendly people and have been brought together because they are kindred spirits in a way.  Many of the participants from past GFFs are good friends or have become good friends.   Good Folk Fest Family.  Corny, I know but it’s true.  In the previous post I mentioned that several booths are galleries, artist collectives, etc and will feature the work from many different artists.  Well there are also several booths that will house family members that share that creative spark!

11813512_688033591341478_3839094453234536217_nComing back for the 5th time, Family Circle Arts.   Three generations of art making ladies, Joyce Skaggs, Bonita Skaggs-Parsons and Misty Skaggs.  They will be in booth #25.

A mother and son have teamed up to share booth #44.  Tina Major makes neat assemblages from sea shells and her son, Bucky Vandenburg uses spray paint in his colorful paintings.  Over in booth #55 father and daughter artists, the Careys return to Good Folk Fest.  Sisters Mary Beth Swain and Elyse Hawks join up for the first time in booth #23

Gary Bell and Suzanne Edds

Gary Bell and Suzanne Edds

Several husband and wife combos show together in booths at Good Folk Fest.  Suzanne Edds and Gary Belly of Liberty Tattoo are right by the stage in booth #66.  Beth Nyman and Douglas Sovonick from Dayton, KY join Good Folk Fest for the first time  in booth # 15.  David and Meagan Honaker of Dirty Hand Studios join us for the first time in booth #7.   And we can not forget to mention husband/wife duo Krekel and Whoa who will be performing Sunday at 5pm. We are looking forward to Good Folk Fest 2015!


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Art Groups at Good Folk Fest 2015

1526196_584259728309713_1619165183_nGood Folk Fest 2015 features over 70 booths of visual artists, but several of those booths are home to creative collectives and galleries that will exhibit the work of many artists.

Louisville’s Craft(s) Gallery will be on hand to offer several highly collectible folk art pieces from their stash including works by Howard Finster, Mark Anthony Mulligan, Carl McKenzie, Ed Lambdin, Charley and Noah Kinney, Lonnie and Twyla Money and some Navajo folk art from the Rick and Susie Bell collection.

Sink or Swim Gallery

Sink or Swim Gallery

Newly birthed Sink or Swim Gallery joins GFF 2015 for the first time and we are excited to see what they will bring to the table!


Creative Diversity

Louisville’s own Creative Diversity and StudioWorks return to Good Folk Fest 2015. Also for the first time, Blank Canvas Studios will join us all the way from St. Charles, Missouri. These three collectives provide opportunities for artists with disabilities.


Artist Phil Cheney on left with a friend

The Laster Family

The Laster Family

Artist Phil Cheney calls his booth the Dynamic Art Gallery and will share his space with a collection of art from his friends including the Laster Family.

There are several artists families involved with Good Folk Fest 2015, more on that later.

You can go here to see a list of participating artists for Good Folk Fest 2015

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Time for Tunes




Music Schedule for Good Folk Fest 2015

Go here for more info about this year’s performers and check out the GFF 2015 Sampler on bandcamp



Friday Nov. 20 Preview   6pm – 9pm

6-7pm Kentucky Prophet
7-8pm Slate Dump
8-9pm Jimmy Honeyman


Saturday Nov. 21   10am – 6pm

10-11am Total Strangers
11-Noon Pipestem
12-1pm IamIs
1-2pm Scott Mertz
2-3pm Crooked
3-4pm Kate Wakefield
4-5pm Dream Eye Color Wheel
5-6pm Stuart Wicke


Sunday Nov. 22 10am-6pm

10-11am JP Wright and Railroad Music
11-Noon eremy•JIrvin
12-1pm Grandpa Egg
1-2pm Cher Von
2-3pm Daddy Luthor and the Warrior Poets
3-4pm Maestro J
4-5pm Warren Byrom
5-6pm Krekel and Whoa
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Making Lemonade…

gfferemyWhile finalizing our music schedule with this year’s Good Folk Fest performers, a conflict occurred with Ted Tyro.  I was pretty bummed by this as I was totally looking forward to hearing their sweet mix of lo-fi tech rhythms meets subtle vocals and catchy instrumentation.  Who could fill the void?

In steps eremy•JIrvin on the heels of his new Gubbey Records release, “Odds & Evens”.  He is no stranger to the Good Folk Fest stage as he performed in 2008 with his band Whistle Peak.

We are excited to have eremy•JIrvin return to Good Folk Fest.  Thanks for stepping up to the mic!  To see who else is performing this year, go here.

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5 Days to Artist Application Deadline!!!

I pity the Fool that don't get their application in on time!

I pity the Fool that don’t get their application in on time!

Don’t forget to submit your Good Folk Fest artist applications before September 20th.  One room is Sold Out but there are still a handful of artist booths available in the other room.  It’s real easy to submit electronically via email/paypal!  See the Artist Application Process for more details.

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Early Bird gets the…

Save a littshirttle cash when you buy an Early Bird 2 Day Pass!  And who doesn’t want to save a little, right?!  Perhaps you can put that extra cabbage towards this year’s Good Folk Fest t-shirt or some awesome one of a kind piece of art.  Plan on coming both days of the festival to see all of the fantastic musical performances and revisit your favorite artist’s booth to purchase that piece that you should’ve gotten the first day…  For a limited time, you can get a 2 day pass for $15.  Get ’em while you can!!!

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Special delivery to Good Folk Fest 2015


After doing this festival over the course of 9 years, I look forward to seeing the familiar faces of the returning artists.  It’s like a family reunion or the circus coming back to town! It’s nice to catch up and see how their work has developed since last time we parted.  I also enjoy the excitement of discovering new people.  I look forward to working with the artists and musicians that are first-timers to Good Folk Fest.

With only 18 or so days left to the Artist Application Deadline, both my virtual and real mail boxes are seeing a lot of action.  It’s great opening them each day to see what has been delivered!  (You get extra points for decorated envelopes!)

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